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Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
Richard Muller
Marine Operations
7532 Sandholdt Rd., Suite 5A
Postal code : 95039
City : Moss Landing, CA
Country : US

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Kind of job: Oceanography
Job offer: Chief engineer
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Responsible for the operation and maintenance of propulsion engines and auxiliary equipment of a vessel engaged in oceanographic research for the California State University at Moss Landing Marine Labs. The R/V POINT SUR is a 296 GRT, 473 GT ITC Oceanographic Research Vessel located on the Monterey Bay in Central CA. Full time position with excellent benefits - 401K, 403B, medical, dental, vision, life insurance, generous vacation and overtime pay schedule.

1.Operate, repair and maintain main engines and auxiliaries, water pumps, air compressors, electric motors and other electrical gear, refrigeration plants, other deck and engine room machinery including hydraulics, deck winches, capstans and water makers. Responsible for decisions relating to the safe operation of equipment, its maintenance and repair. Utilize available resources to handle breakdown and repairs so the vessel can maintain its mission and schedule. Able to distinguish between safe, expeditious solutions and ideal solution and act appropriately. Stand watch as engineer on duty.

2.Supervise and train assistant and crew in operation, repair and maintenance of equipment.

3.Order parts, spares, fuels and oils, etc. within specified budget.

4.Responsible for keeping the Captain advised regarding the material status of the vessel and assigned equipment, and the daily status of fuel, lube oil and water.

5.Serves as damage control officer of the ship. Participates in all drills and emergency operations including man overboard, fire and abandon ship.

6.Other related duties as assigned such as working with the science party while on watch operating ship’s cranes and frames, loading stores and assisting with various deck operations.

7.Maintain the ship in accordance with specifications set forth by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

8.Provide the Marine Superintendent with annual and long-range budgetary estimates on keeping the ship's hull and machinery in first class condition and to meet all regulatory requirements. These budgets are for inclusion in the annual operating budget and reports required by the NSF Cooperative Agreement.

9.Assist the Captain and Marine Superintendent with the preparation of shipyard job specifications.

10.Maintain accurate maintenance records of ships machinery in digital format using a computerized preventive maintenance program and follow necessary procedures to maintain or overhaul said machinery.

11.Assist the Marine Superintendent with special projects as directed.


1)Education and Experience
•Three years engineering experience on a sea-going vessel with diesel propulsion plant greater than 500 horsepower or equivalent. A minimum of a Designated Duty Engineer endorsement of 2,500 HP. A Limited USCG Engineers license is preferred.

2)Knowledge, Skills and Abilities required
•Knowledge of Diesel Engines and propulsions systems, specific knowledge of Caterpillar systems preferred. Knowledge of auxiliary systems such as electrical motors, electrical circuits and power distribution, hydraulic, water and sewage systems.

•Ability to interpret ship's plans and prints, draw engineering plans and prepare job orders. Demonstrated ability to use hand tools, small machine tools and electrical test equipment.

•Good communication skills.

•Ability to plan projects, assign priorities, resolve problems and to work without supervision in a timely manner.

•Ability to supervise others.

3)Environmental Conditions
•At sea this job consists of usually standing a 12 hour watch, usually six hours on and six hours off around the clock. The crew is on call 24 hours a day for emergencies or other than normal operating conditions. Voyages can be up to 21 days at sea at a time and can be for longer periods away from homeport with logistic stops in other ports. Between 140 and 220 days a year can be at sea. Conditions at sea can include rough seas, violent motion of the vessel, excess heat or cold, and exposure to all kinds of weather. Duties in the engine room are in an area of high noise, high heat and some crowded spaces. Many times work takes place in the vicinity of operating machinery. Must be able to lift moderate weights at sea and in port.

In port the working hours are the normal 8 to 5, forty-hour week.

•Employee will be subject to the DOT/USCG drug and alcohol testing

4)Machines and Equipments
•Two Caterpillar D379 turbo charged diesel engines at 565 horsepower each, two Pay and Brink reduction gears and controllable pitch propeller systems, two Caterpillar D3406 Auxiliaries with 175 KW Kato generators, six hydraulic power packages to 150 HP, Several salt water and fresh water pumps, two reverse osmosis water makers, refrigeration units, air compressors, fuel oil purifier, oil and diesel pumps, sewage system, arc welder, oxy/acetylene torch, galley equipment, HVAC air handlers, cranes winches, hand and power tools.


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