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Dasheng District, Machong Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
Maersk Container Industri Dongguan Ltd.
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Country : China

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Kind of job: Paramaritime
Job offer: QC Engineer
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Description of the job :
Principal accountabilities
1. Quality control in production line
1) Execute daily patrol inspection in production line
2) Analyze the inspection results, feedback to related parties and trace the status
- QC inspector inspects container in the line and record the inspection report daily
- Staff submits report to manager for confirmation
- Distribute to related person the report
3) Focus on customer satisfactory
- Inform customer production schedule in advance
- Attend customer's inspection daily
- Feedback customer's finding to production stages and production management staff
- Feedback to customer production's final actions and result
- Arrange and preside pre-production meeting with related persons
4) Weekly meeting
- Prepare data of quality, design and specification matters from last week and discuss about final result
- Distribute meeting minutes for remind

2. Statistics analysis
1) Collect and sort out daily data and submit to manager
2) File out inspection results of key stages daily and inform to related department
3) Make a monthly quality report for key stages and inform related parts
4) Monthly quality evaluation system
- Make a quality evaluation per each team and submit to G-manager
- Prepare awards for 1 best team and 2 good teams

3. Management and training conduction
1) Manage to subordinate's daily work and instruct or support to solve problems during quality control
2) Organize and conduct production meeting to feedback and solve the items required from customer
3) Introduce to subordinate new or revised technical matters
4) Arrange and attend the training on the usage of measurement tools

4. Quality improvement
1) Implement skill test or evaluation on the quality improvement, for example, welding test, sealant sealing test and so on
2) Quality evaluation products between MCID and competitors

5. Safety management
1) LTA target is 6
2) Keep the safe working environment
6. ISO management compliance
1) Implement daily work to meet ISO regulation
2) ISO document compliance, attend meeting and training

Experience within the area
1. Min. 1 year job experience in Quality Control or related work experience
2. Experience with ISO
3. Knowledge with measuring technical, mechanical and manufacturing
4. Knowledge with JIS, ASTM, IICL are preferable
5. Experience with analysis and investigation

Education background
University degree
Language : English and Chinese, in written and verbally

Personal abilities
Loyal and disciplined
Result oriented
Attentive to details


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