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Global H.R. Services
Human Resources/Travel Director
11969 Westline Industrial Drive
Suite 300
St. Louis, Missouri 63146-3220
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Country : US

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Kind of job: Cruise
Job offer: Travel director
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Trip Preparation:

  • Assemble all information pertinent to the trip including: Program itinerary, rooming lists, manifests, Passenger Messages Report, Passenger Emergency Contact List, Confirmed Category Reports, Pinnacle Member Listing, Association Listing – all WISDM generated. Assemble non-WISDM items including: VIP forms, gift requests, Arrival and departure manifest, program start-up notes, TD Daily Reports from previous group, accounting forms.
  • Complete airline work-up for each flight within the given departure. Develop outline based on first-class, business class and economy class passengers. Assess which passengers you are flying with. If other passengers in the group are flying separately please ensure that you have all arrival and departure information for these passengers.
  • Assemble hand-outs for the trip, including: Welcome Envelopes, Welcome Itineraries, Currency Conversion Charts, TD Arrival Notes, Departure Notices, maps, Weissman Reports, questionnaire envelopes.

Program Operation:

  • Accompany group on entire program
    including all tours, ensuring that the services ordered are received,
    and the Passengers’ expectations are met or exceeded. Serve as liaison
    between passengers and hotels, ground operators, airlines and cruise
    lines. Schedule and attend meetings with suppliers in each destination on a given departure. Keep passengers informed throughout the trip via briefings, informational hand-outs, and one-on-one dialogue.
  • In the event of program interruptions and/or emergencies, make responsible decisions based on training, discussions with local suppliers, and when necessary, discussions with INTRAV staff in the office.

Travel Director Employment:

  • When NOT on a trip, Travel Directors are available to help out in other departments at INTRAV/Clipper Cruise Line. This includes but is not limited to: working with the inside sales department, various clerical duties, covering the switchboard etc.
  • Travel Directors will be responsible for additional work-ups (pre trip preparation) for departures that have been assigned to a local staff.



  • College degree required
  • International travel experience preferred.


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